T.C. Wong, B. Yuen, C. Goldblum
Springer | 1402065418 | 2008 | PDF | 218 pages | 5 Mb

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The book is intended to be a landmark publication to showcase Singapore academics’ and practising planners’ work and thinking in the globalisation age. The book takes a reflective approach in reviewing the direction, impact and significance of sustainable development in Singapore planning and the future challenges facing the city-state looked upon by many developing countries as a ‘model’.

The book analyses and provides an insight to Singapore’s planning system and practices associated with sustainable development. It contributes and produces an impact on urban planning literature in a renewed perspective about Singapore that reflects the reality and need to address sustainability in the triangular relationship of economic, environmental and social developments.

University libraries, students and government agencies with an interest in understanding the rationale of policy formation, planning system and its implementation in Singapore.


1. Achieving Sustainable Industrial Development Through a System of Strategic Planning and Implementation: The Singapore Model
Kum Chun Seetoh and Amanda Hwee Fang Ong

2.Conclusion: Beyond Sustainable Development?
Belinda Yuen

3.Integrated Resort in the Central Business District of Singapore: The Land Use Planning and Sustainability Issues
Tai-Chee Wong

4.Nature and Sustainability of the Marine Environment
Loke Ming Chou

5.Planning the World Metropolis on an Island-City Scale: Urban Innovation as a Constraint and Tool for Global Change
Charles Goldblum

6.Public Housing in Singapore: A Sustainable Housing Form and Development
Tony Tan Keng Joo and Tai-Chee Wong

7.Singapore River: Six Strategies for Sustainability
Chwee Lye Low

8.Singapore's Natural Environment, Past, Present and Future: A Construct of National Identity and Land Use Imperatives
Min Geh and Ilsa Sharp

9.Singapore's Urban Transport: Sustainability by Design or Necessity?
Paul A. Barter

10.Sustainability Planning and Its Theory and Practice: An Introduction
Tai-Chee Wong and Charles Goldblum


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