E. Talen
Architectural Press | 0750681179 | 2008 | PDF | 256 pages | 10 Mb

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The city is more than just a sum of its buildings; it is the sum of its communities. The most successful urban communities are very often those that are the most diverse – in terms of income, age, family structure and ethnicity – and yet poor urban design and planning can stifle the very diversity that makes communities successful. Just as poor urban design can lead to sterile monoculture, successful planning can support the conditions needed for diverse communities.

Emily Talen explores the linkage between urban forms and social diversity, and how one impacts the other. Learning the lessons from past successes and failures, and building from detailed case studies of different neighborhoods, Design for Diversity provides urban designers and architects with design strategies and tools to ensure that their work sustains and nurtures social diversity.


Introduction: Diversity and Design;
Part One
- The Argument
- Separation vs. Diversity;
Why Diversity?;
Why Design?;

Part Two
- The Context
-Patterns; The Interviews;

Part Three
- The Strategies
- Mix; Connection;

Policy and Process;


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