D. Van Den Heuvel, M. Mesman, W. Quist and B. Lemmens
IOS Press | 1586039172 | 2008 | PDF | 568 pages | 20 Mb

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Conservation of architecture - and the conversation of modern architecture in particular - has assumed new challenges. Rather than attempting to return a modern building to its resumed original state, the challenge of these proceedings is to revalue the essence of the manifold manifestations of modern architecture and redefine its meanings in a rapidly changing world of digital revolution, worldwide mobility and environmental awareness. This volume aims to provide a variety of platforms for the exchange of ideas and experience. A large, international group of architects, historians, scholars, preservationists and other parties involved in the processes of preserving, renovating and transforming modern buildings has been invited to investigate the paradox of the modern monument, and to reflect on the manifold dilemmas of change and continuity.

The general theme is elaborated through five sub-themes. The sub-theme 'Change and Continuity' addresses the tensions between change and continuity from a historical-theoretical perspective. 'Restructuring Cities and Landscapes' focuses on the larger scale of city and landscape, while 'Shifts in Programme and Flexibility' draws attention to the scale of the building or building complex, and questions limits of re-use and flexibility. The fourth sub-theme deals with education and the fifth sub-theme 'Progress, Technology and Sustainability' considers specific issues of techniques and materials.


Modern Architecture is Durable: Using Change to Preserve / M. Casciato
Introduction / Organising Committee 10th International DOCOMOMO Conference
Change and Continuity 1
Change and Continuity 2
Change and Continuity 3
Change and Continuity 4
Cities and Landscape 1
Cities and Landscape 2
Shifts in Programme and Flexibility 1
Shifts in Programme and Flexibility 2
Education in Transformation
Technology, Progress and Sustainability 1
Technology, Progress and Sustainability 2
Short Papers
Change and Continuity
Restructuring Cities and Landscape
Shifts in Programme and Flexibility Education in Transformation
Technology, Progress and Sustainability


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