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In 2007, the world's urban population surpassed the number of people living in rural areas and is still growing. The number of city dwellers who do not have access to piped water and rely on groundwater is also increasing. In many Asian cities, groundwater is not only the source of domestic water but also an important resource for industrial development, making better management of groundwater resources essential for sustainable development. Because groundwater is easier to access and costs less than water from piped systems, groundwater abstraction cannot be easily regulated.

Policies for groundwater management adopted in Japan and other Asian countries are compared, and technologies for efficient use of groundwater are elucidated. Groundwater contamination is also a serious problem that exacerbates water scarcity in Asian cities. Case studies illustrate the cause and consequences of naturally occurring contaminants such as arsenic and fluoride, and groundwater contamination due to anthropogenic contaminants is described. Also discussed are technologies for treating contaminated groundwater to reduce the health risks of drinking contaminated groundwater.


Part I. Groundwater Problems in Urban Areas

1. Introduction

Satoshi Takizawa

2. Groundwater Use and Management in Urban Areas

Satoshi Takizawa

3. Groundwater Resources in Urban Water Management

Yanjun Shen and Taikan Oki

4. Groundwater Potential in the Central District of Tokyo

Tomochika Tokunaga

Part II. Technologies for the Analysis of Urban Groundwater

5. The Shallow Groundwater Environment and the Risk of Soil Liquefaction

Takeshi Hayashi

6. Coupled Groundwater Flow/ Deformation Modelling for Predicting Land Subsidence

Masaatsu Aichi

7. Groundwater Contamination in Urban Areas

Keisuke Kuroda and Tetsuo Fukushi

8. Detection of Microbial Contamination in Groundwater

Hiroyuki Katayama

Part III. Efficient Use of Groundwater Resources

9. Environmental Systems Analysis of Urban Water Systems

Satoshi Ishii

10. Groundwater Use for Thermal Energy

Ryozo Ooka and Yujin Nam

11. Bioremediation of Groundwater and Soil in Urban Areas

Futoshi Kurisu

Part IV. Groundwater Management in Asian Cities

12. Groundwater Management Policies in Asian Mega-Cities

Yatsuka Kataoka and Tetsuo Kuyama

13. Groundwater Contamination in Asian Coastal Cities: Case Study of Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

Micha Sigrist

14. Arsenic Contamination in Hanoi City, Vietnam

Tran Thi Viet Nga

15. Health Risks of Fluoride in the Chiang Mai Basin, Thailand

Tomoko Takeda and Satoshi Takizawa


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