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Arne Jacobsen (1902-1971), better known for his prominent career as a designer of furniture and objects than as an architect, is the ultimate proponent of the modern movement in Denmark. Though he was a master of using traditional materials and textures within a modern vernacular, Jacobsen was also interested in industrial buildings and new technologies.

His public buildings followed the same criteria of simplicity, order, utility and harmony as all his other projects.
However, in his public architecture, Jacobsen also added the discipline inherent in standardisation and use of industrial components.

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Introduction Arne Jacobsen 1902-1971.
Lisbet Balslev Jorgensen Works and projects Stelling Huis,
Copenhague Aarhus City Hall Sollerod City Hall Munkegards School,
Gentofte Offices for Jespersen & Son,
Copenhagen Rodovre City Hall SAS Building/Royal Hotel,
Copenhagen St. Catherine`s & Merton College,
Oxford National Bank,
Copenhagen Hew Offices,
Hamburg Christianeum Gymnasium,
Hamburg Kuwait Central Bank Danish Embassy,
London Biography Nexus On form and design at the present time.
Arne Jacobsen Speech at the opening of the Arne Jacobsen exhibition in Aarhus.
Knud Aerbo


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