N. Delatte
Routledge | 0415409705 | 2007 | PDF | 392 pages | 4 Mb

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Addressing the interactions between the different design and construction variables and techniques this book illustrates best practices for constructing economical, long life concrete pavements.

The book proceeds in much the same way as a pavement construction project. First, different alternatives for concrete pavement solutions are outlined. The desired performance and behaviour parameters are identified. Next, appropriate materials are outlined and the most suitable concrete proportions determined. The design can be completed, and then the necessary construction steps for translating the design into a durable facility are carried out. Although the focus reflects highways as the most common application, special features of airport, industrial, and light duty pavements are also addressed.

Use is made of modeling and performance tools such as HIPERPAV and LTPP to illustrate behavior and performance, along with some case studies. As concrete pavements are more complex than they seem, and the costs of mistakes or of over-design can be high, this is a valuable book for engineers in both the public and private sectors.

Norbert Delatte is an Associate Professor at Cleveland State University. He is the former chairman of American Concrete Institute Committee 325 on Concrete Pavements and a founding member of Committee 327 on Roller Compacted Concrete Pavements and Committee 522 Pervious Concrete. He is also the Editor of ASCE’s Journal of Professional Issues in Engineering Education and Practice.


1. Introduction
2. Types of Concrete Pavements
3. Performance
4. Subgrades, Subbases, and Drainage
5. Selection of Concrete Materials
6. Mixture Design and Proportioning
7. Design Fundamentals
8. Highway Pavement Design
9. Light-Duty Pavement Design
10. Airport Pavement Design
11. Industrial Pavement Design
12. Subgrade and Subbase Construction
13. Paving
14. Finishing, Texturing, and Curing
15. Concrete Pavement Maintenance
16. Rehabilitation and Overlays


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