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This volume is dedicated to "Mechanics in Architecture", that is, the science of structural mechanics, including the behaviour of structures, internal forces, and deformation, as well as the development of new structural systems to resist thrusts as a result of new architectural forms. It is a field of enquiry that examines a particular aspect of the relationships between architecture and the mathematical sciences. Some of the papers in this issue were presented at the Nexus 2006 conference during a special session dedicated to mechanics. Other research papers focus on an eighteenth-century Belgian pyramid, aspects of "fractal" architecture, and properties of a family of irrational values. The issue also includes a description and evaluation of a university-level course in architecture and mathematics, Rachel Fletcher's Geometer's Angle column, and book reviews.


165 KIM WILLIAMS and PIETRO NASTASI. Mario Salvadori and Mauro Picone: From
Student and Teacher to Professional Fellowship
185 FEDERICO FOCE. Milankovitch’s Theorie der Druckkurven: Good Mechanics for
Masonry Architecture
211 SANTIAGO HUERTA. Oval Domes: History, Geometry, and Mechanics
249 MARCO GIORGIO BEVILACQUA. Ramparts in the Sixteenth century: Architecture,
“Mathematics”, and Urban Design
263 DIRK VAN DE VIJVER. Tentare licet: The Theresian Academy Question on the
Theory of Beams of 1783
281 OLIVIER BAVEREL and HOSHYAR NOOSHIN. Nexorades Based on Regular
299 FRANS CERULUS. A Pyramid Inspired by Mathematics
311 YANNICK JOYE. Fractal Architecture Could Be Good for You
321 ANTONIA REDONDO BUITRAGO. Polygons, Diagonals, and the Bronze Mean
327 RACHEL FLETCHER. Dynamic Root Rectangles Part One: The Fundamentals
363 SARAH MAOR and IGOR VERNOR. Mathematical Aspects in an Architectural
Design Course: The Concept, Design Assignments, and Follow-up
377 RACHEL FLETCHER. The Golden Section: Nature’s Greatest Secret by Scott Olsen
379 KIM WILLIAMS. Hardy Cross: American Engineer by Leonard K. Eaton


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