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Eduardo Souto de Moura (b. Oporto, 1952) is one of the greatest architects on the contemporary Portuguese scene. A key figure among recent generations of architects in his country, it is he who has assumed the mantle the two great maestros of modern Portuguese architecture: Fernando Tavora and Alvaro Siza.

In 1990 Editorial Gustavo Gili published the first monograph devoted to his work, and the growing interest expressed by the international critical community since then has motivated us to publish this second monographic issue, which complements the first by focussing on the recent, extensive output of the architect.

This is a body of work which, without abandoning the standards set by his earlier buildings, attains a delicate maturity. His use of materials and the straightforward and antirhetorical constructional elementality of his latest works sets him apart from the particular stylistic and regional continuity of current Portuguese architecture, bringing him closer to certain positions shared by other European architects, in a critical vision of the limits of what seemed to be understood as a region.

With abundant graphic and photographic documentation, this issue presents 14 works and projects on Portuguese territory, from one-family houses in Tavira and Moledo, various art galleries, to works of wider scope like his remodelling of the Alfandega building in Lisbon and that of the Monastery of Santa Maria do Bouro, near Braga.

The issue includes critical essays by Jacques Lucan and Eduard Bru.
The "Nexus" section, includes material by the architect himself, the text "Time" and an interview with Xavier Guell.


The transmutation of matter. Jacques Lucan
Eduardo Souto de Moura in three times. Eduard Bru

Works & projects
House in Tavira
Conversion of the Alfándega building into the National Transport Museum
House in Moledo
Conversion of Santa Maria do Bouro Monastery
Residential block
Market in Braga
Porto Metro
Courtyard houses
Burgo project
House in Serra da Arrábida
Art Galleries


Interview with Eduardo Souto de Moura. Xavier Güell
Time. Eduardo Souto de Moura


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