Alan Berger
Taylor & Francis | 0415773032 | 2008 | PDF | 198 pages | 7 MB

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The first practical yet in-depth exploration of how to reclaim the post-industrial landscape, this volume includes excellent case studies by practitioners and policy makers from around the US, giving first rate practical examples.
The book addresses new thinking about landscape, which applies new techniques to the task of transforming outdated and disused post-extraction landscapes through design. In the USA alone, there are nearly 500,000 abandoned mines in need of reclamation and this book provides the first in-depth guidance on this real and pressing issue. Drawing on the work of the well-known Project for Reclamation Excellence at Harvard's Graduate School of Design, this volume outlines the latest design thinking, theory and practice for landscape planners, landscape architects and designers and others interested in maximizing the future potential of reclaimed land.


Part I Contextualizing landscape alteration through historic, systemic, and biologic perspectives 1

1 Valuing alteration 3
Frederick Turner
2 Disturbance ecology and symbiosis in mine-reclamation design 13
Peter Del Tredici
3 Gold and the gift: theory and design in a mine-reclamation project 26
Rod Barnett
4 Mines and design in their natural context 36
Dorion Sagan
5 Ecological succession and its role in landscape reclamation 42
Eric D. Schneider
6 Interrogating a landscape design agenda in the scientifically based mining world 52
Belinda Arbogast

Part II Interdisciplinary responses and opportunities in reclamation 61

7 Science, art, and environmental reclamation: three projects and a few thoughts 63
T. Allan Comp
8 The Wellington Oro mine-site cleanup: integrating the cleanup of an abandoned mine site with the community’s vision of land preservation and affordable housing 77
Victor Ketellapper
9 Building partnerships for post-mining regeneration: Post-Mining Alliance at the Eden Project 87
Caroline Digby
10 Community-based reclamation of abandoned mine lands in the Animas River watershed, San Juan County, Colorado 98
William Simon
11 Case studies of successful reclamation and sustainable development at Kennecott mining sites 105
Jon Cherry

Part III Technology, representation, and information in reclamation design 113

12 Digital simulation and reclamation: strategies for altered landscapes 115
Alan Berger and Case Brown
13 Open-pit opportunities: pre-mine design strategies 125
Alan Berger and Case Brown
14 Reclaiming the woods: trail strategies for the Golden Horseshoe’s historic mining roads 129
Alan Berger and Bart Lounsbury
15 Real-time coal mining and reclamation: the Office of Surface Mining’s Technical Innovation and Professional Services program 132
Billie E. Clark, Jr.

Part IV Future directions and programs in US reclamation policy and law 139

16 The land revitalization initiative: landscape design and reuse planning in mine reclamation 141
Edward H. Chu
17 The legal landscape 154
Robert W. Micsak


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