Brian Wood
Blackwell |2003 | PDF | 208 pages | 2 Mb

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‘Brian Wood rightly confronts the dismissive attitude [towards maintenance work] throughout his thoughtful and profound analysis of the maintenance process… Putting maintenance at the centre of the continuing post-Egan reform is long overdue. There is much more to the industry than great structures such as a bridge or a PFI hospital. New or re-furbished projects also need to work properly and be in continual use, not moth-balled because of defects. This book seeks to advance that debate and the reform process in a very focussed way. I warmly commend it to you and to a wide audience.’

Building care encompasses everything from maintenance to energy conservation. But even though premises-related expenditure typically represents 15% of the running costs of a business, maintenance is still regarded as the ‘Cinderella’ of the construction industry.

Building Care challenges this attitude by elevating maintenance to its proper professional level and explaining new ideas in clear, understandable terms. Practical guidance is offered to those responsible for running buildings - surveyors, facility managers and facility managers – to help them carry out efficient and effective building care services.

Brian Wood reflects the move away from long-term, technology-based maintenance programmes to more customer-focussed practices and covers a range of alternative approaches to looking after buildings and their users.


Chapter 1 Background and Introduction 1
Chapter 2 Planned Preventive Maintenance Prevails 25
Chapter 3 Just in Time Gurus from East and West 49
Chapter 4 Procurement of Building Maintenance Service 68
Chapter 5 Re-engineering the Process 84
Chapter 6 Enter Customer Care, Contact and Call Centers 99
Chapter 7 Intelligent Building Care 117
Chapter 8 Sustainable Building Care
Chapter 9 Building Futures: Left or Right?
Chapter 10 Cradle to Grave: Whole-life Assessment and Implications for Design


'This is a very well written book, interesting, comprehensive and easy to read, covering all aspects from maintenence to customer care to energy conservation.'
Building Engineer

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