Nikolas Davies, Erkki Jokiniemi
Architectural Press | 0750685026 | 2008 | PDF | 736 pages | 26 Mb

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With more than 20,000 words and terms individually defined, the Dictionary offers huge coverage for anyone studying or working in architecture, construction or any of the built environment fields.

The innovative and detailed cross-referencing system allows readers to track down elusive definitions from general subject headings. Starting from only the vaguest idea of the word required, a reader can quickly track down precisely the term they are looking for.

The book is illustrated with stunning drawings that provide a visual as well as a textual definition of both key concepts and subtle differences in meaning.

Davies and Jokiniemi's work sets a new standard for reference books for all those interested in the buildings that surround us.

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Architectural Theory, Ornamentation and Art
Building Elements and Components
Construction Engineering
Masonry, Brickwork, Concrete
Other Building Materials
Professional Practice
Technical Installations
Tools, Machines and Methods
Types of Building, Spaces
Urban and Transportation Planning
Wood and Timber
Unclassified Terms


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