M. Dudek
Architectural Press | 0750654260 | 2006 | PDF | 256 pages | 11 Mb

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This collection of essays is concerned with the experiences children have within the supervised worlds they inhabit, as well as with architecture and landscape architecture. International examples of innovative childcare practice are illustrated together with the design processes which informed their development. The emphasis here is on new and experimental childcare projects which set-out to reassert the rights of children to participate in a complex multi-faceted world, which is no longer available to them, unless under adult supervision. Research supports in depth recommendations regarding the ideal children's environment, across a range of contexts and dimensions.

Mark Dudek gathers together a number of internationally recognized experts in the field of childcare environments to write about different aspects of the landscape.

Children often spend a great deal of time in daycare facilties and schools, as parents are absorbed in their own work and leisure activities. This places an emphasis on architects and planners to consider the needs of children in great detail. As such, the children"s environment must be conceived of as a rich, complex place; a "world within a world". We use the word LANDSCAPE in recognition that children do not differentiate between the inside and the outside, private and public; every part of their perception is open to stimulation by a stimulating environment.


Chapter 1 – Talking and Listening to Children,
Chapter 2 – Designing for Play,
Chapter 3 – Place Making and Change in Learning Environments,
Chapter 4 – The Building as Third Teacher,
Chapter 5 – The Classroom is a Microcosm of the World,
Chapter 6 – Designing the Classroom of the Future,
Chapter 7 - The Schools We?d Like,
Chapter 8 - The Electronic Landscape- Mark Dudek,
Chapter 9 – Children in the Public Domain ,
Chapter 10 – Razor Blades and Teddy Bears,
Chapter 11 – The Sustainable Schoolyard,
Chapter 12 – The Edible Landscape of School


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