G. Purves
Architectural Press | 0750646020 | 2002 | PDF | 214 pages | 46 Mb

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By exploring the design process this book looks at the relationship between the architectural and medical professions to see how the next wave of Government health policies can be best provided for. The aim is to raise the quality of health buildings in the primary care sector.

Greater flexibility will be required as the medical profession moves towards a pro-active attitude to Healthy Living Centres rather than the traditional reactive treatment to cure disease.

This is a hands-on 'how to do it' guide to satisfy changing policy objectives, offering an up to date methodology to encourage a holistic approach to health care buildings which will be of interest to both architectural and medical professionals.


Chapter 1 An outline review of the issues 1
Chapter 2 Architecture and medicine: is it art and science or illusion and reality?13
Chapter 3 Policy issues 19
Chapter 4 Design issues 41
Chapter 5 Financial issues 83
Chapter 6 Briefing issues 89
Chapter 7 Measurement of design quality 105
Chapter 8 Procurement routes 111
Chapter 9 International trends 115
Chapter 10 A strategy for the future 119
Chapter 11 Case studies (see over for details) 123
Chapter 12 The way forward 199;


'A very valuable and timely book . . . the author is eminently suitable for the task.' Leslie Fairweather

'Geoffrey Purves clearly has a wide range of experience in designing primary health care facilities' Fred Lawson

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