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This fifth edition has been fully updated to cover the many advances made in CAGD and curve and surface theory since 1997, when the fourth edition appeared. Material has been restructured into theory and applications chapters. The theory material has been streamlined using the blossoming approach; the applications material includes least squares techniques in addition to the traditional interpolation methods. In all other respects, it is, thankfully, the same. This means you get the informal, friendly style and unique approach that has made Curves and Surfaces for CAGD: A Practical Guide a true classic.

The book's unified treatment of all significant methods of curve and surface design is heavily focused on the movement from theory to application. The author provides complete C implementations of many of the theories he discusses, ranging from the traditional to the leading-edge. You'll gain a deep, practical understanding of their advantages, disadvantages, and interrelationships, and in the process you'll see why this book has emerged as a proven resource for thousands of other professionals and academics.

* Provides authoritative and accessible information for those working with or developing computer-aided geometric design applications.
* Covers all significant CAGD curve and surface design techniques-from the traditional to the experimental.
* Includes a new chapter on recursive subdivision and triangular meshes.
* Presents topical programming exercises useful to professionals and students alike.
* Offers complete C implementations of many of the book's examples via a companion Web site.


Chapter 1 P. Béezier: How a Simple System Was Born
Chapter 2 Introductory Material
Chapter 3 Linear Interpolation
Chapter 4 The de Casteljau Algorithm
Chapter 5 The Bernstein Form of a Béezier Curve
Chapter 6 Béezier Curve Topics
Chapter 7 Polynomial Curve Constructions
Chapter 8 B-Spline Curves
Chapter 9 Constructing Spline Curves
Chapter 10 W. Boehm: Differential Geometry I
Chapter 11 Geometric Continuity
Chapter 12 ConicSections
Chapter 13 Rational Béezier and B-Spline Curves
Chapter 14 Tensor Product Patches
Chapter 15 Constructing Polynomial Patches
Chapter 16 Composite Surfaces
Chapter 17 Béezier Triangles
Chapter 18 Practical Aspects of Béezier Triangles
Chapter 19 W. Boehm: Differential Geometry II
Chapter 20 GeometricContinuityforSurfaces
Chapter 21 Surfaces with Arbitrary Topology
Chapter 22 Coons Patches
Chapter 23 Shape
Chapter 24 Evaluation of Some Methods

Appendix A Quick Reference of Curve and Surface Terms
Appendix B List of Programs
Appendix C Notation


Amazon.com Review
When a book of any kind warrants a fifth edition, there must be more than just a few things right about it. In the case of Curves and Surfaces for CAGD (Computer Aided Graphics and Design), Gerald Farin has written and maintained a definitive work on computer graphics and graphics programming.
The fourth edition of this work was published in 1997. Four years is quite a long time when it comes to anything computer-related, and even cutting-edge math theories get old fast in light of new ideas and trends. This new edition features a restructuring of the entire book, as well as new material on things like "least squares techniques."

Twenty-four chapters and almost 500 pages cover everything from introductory 3-D geometry through basic linear interpolation, to specific algorithms for curve constructions. As if the liberally illustrated chapters weren't enough, the publishers have put together a Web site that includes examples and C code from the book.

For any student of 3-D computer graphics programming, this definitive textbook offers history, theory, and practical examples that can be used in a variety of applications. The easy and friendly writing style makes this book a classic and a mandatory study for any student, or a must-have reference for any professional. --Mike Caputo

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