C. Magwood, P. Mack and T. Therrien
New Society Publishers | 0865715181 | 2005 | PDF | 288 pages | 20 Mb

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Straw bale houses are easy to build, affordable, super energy efficient, environmentally friendly, attractive, and can be designed to match the builder's personal space needs, esthetics, and budget. Despite mushrooming interest in the technique, however, most straw bale books focus on "selling" the dream of straw-bale building, but don't adequately address the most critical issues faced by bale house builders. Moreover, since many developments in this field are recent, few books are completely up to date with the latest techniques.

More Straw Bale Building is designed to fill this gap. A completely rewritten edition of the 20,000-copy best-selling original, it leads the potential builder through the entire process of building a bale structure, tackling all the practical issues: finding and choosing bales; developing sound building plans; roofing; electrical, plumbing, and heating systems; building code compliance; and special concerns for builders in northern climates. New material includes:

more extensive sections on electric wiring and plumbing
updated sections on bale finishes and finishing
a section on prefabricated straw bale walls
a wider selection of case studies, photographs and illustrations
a section on common mistakes
budgeting for low-, medium- and high-cost projects, and
new testing data that is in no other straw bale book.

Down-to earth and complete, More Straw Bale Building makes the remarkable benefits of straw bale building available in the most comprehensive and practical book on the subject to date.

Chris Magwood and Peter Mack are professional straw bale builders and consultants who have constructed over 40 straw bale buildings, consulting on many more. They have taught workshops and seminars across the continent and overseas, and are authors of one of the first straw bale how-to books, Straw Bale Building (New Society, Publishers, 2000) which has sold 20,000 copies. Chris Magwood has been editor of The Last Straw Journal, an international quarterly devoted to straw-bale building, since 2001. He is also the coauthor of Straw Bale Details.


Chapter 1: Why Build with Straw? 5
Chapter 2: Other Natural Building Materials 17
Chapter 3: What Are Straw Bales? 23
Chapter 4: The Red Flag Questions 31
Chapter 5: The Hotly Debated Often-Distorted Question of Cost 45
Chapter 6: Getting Focused 49
Chapter 7: Design Considerations57
Chapter 8: The Many Styles of Bale Building65
Chapter 9: Structural Design Options: Foundations, Roofs and Partition Walls 83
Chapter 10: More Design Options:Mechanical Systems 103
Chapter 11: From Designer to Draftsperson 119
Chapter 12: Straw Bale Construction Plans 129
Chapter 13: Building Permits 141
Chapter 14: Do-It-yourself (DIY) and Building Professionals 151
Chapter 15: Budgeting 159
Chapter 16: Going Shopping: Materials 169
Chapter 17: Construction: Before the Bales 177
Chapter 18: Raising Bale Walls 185
Chapter 19: Plastering Your Bale Walls211
Chapter 20: Bale Wall Finishes 241
Chapter 21: Common Mistakes 247
Chapter 22: Constructing with Work Parties 253
Chapter 23: Other Straw Bale Projects261
Chapter 24: The Challenge 265


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