Rev Dr Charles Doidge, Rachel Sara, Rosie White
Architectural Press | 2000| PDF | 117 pages | 3 Mb

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The architectural crit, review or jury is a cornerstone of architectural education around the world. The defence of ideas, drawings, and models in an open format before staff and peers is intended to be a foreground for healthy creative debate, but many students view it as hostile confrontation - an ego trip for staff and humiliation for them. This accessible and immensely enjoyable book guides students through this academic minefield.

This fully updated edition includes advice and suggestions for tutors on how to model a crit around a broad range of learning styles, as well as a new section aimed at students with learning disabilities, to ensure that the process is constructive and beneficial for all architecture and design scholars. Packed with practical tips from tutors, students and professionals, this reassuringly honest book will prepare students to build more creative relationships with clients and users across the industry.

Also in the Seriously Useful Guides series:
* Practical Experience
* The Dissertation
* The Portfolio

* Unique guide to a crucial event in every architecture student's life
* Includes additional material for tutors on alternative review formats that will suit a broad range of learning styles
* Humorous and accessible advice written by students for students


1 What is a review? 1

2 Before a review 21

3 During a review 43

4 Learning from a review 65

5 Alternative reviews 87

6 Reviews and the future 107

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