R. Binnekamp, L.A. Van Gunsteren, P.P. Van Loon
IOS Press | 1586036505 | 2006 | PDF | 404 pages | 5 Mb

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Open Design refers to a stakeholder-oriented approach in Architecture, Urban Planning, and Project Management, as developed by the Chair of Computer Aided Design and Planning of Delft University of Technology. This edition collects the following three volumes on Open Design: "Open Design, a Collaborative Approach to Architecture", offering concepts and methods to combine technical and social optimization into one integrated design process; "Open Design and Construct Management, Managing Complex Construction Projects through Synthesis of Stakeholder Interests", offering a new approach to managing complexity by distinguishing best management practices for complex projects involving considerable uncertainty and risk and best practices for straightforward predictable projects; and "Open Design, Cases and Exercises", enabling the reader to become familiar with the decision-oriented design tools of Open Design, and their application in practice.


Open Design, a Collaborative Approach to Architecture
Preface 1
Introduction 5

1 The Purpose of Open Design 9
2 Managing the Open Design Process 19
3 Modelling in Open Design 27
4 Uncertainty reduction and risk assessment 45
5 How to deal with the overabundance of information 53
6 How to deal with quality requirements 57
7 How to deal with conflicting requirements in the mathematical model 65
8 Open Design Computer Tools 77

Appendix A Behavioural theory of Argyris and Schön, a summary 83
Appendix B Individual optimum versus collective optimum, consequences for
Open Design 89
Open Design and Construct Management
Preface 99
Introduction 103

I Theory 107
1 The purpose of design and construct management 109
2 Design and construct management of simple projects 113
3 Design and construct management of complex projects 117
4 Consequences of applying best practices for simple projects to complex projects and vice versa 121

II Cases 123
5 Validation through cases 125
6 Renovation of the former KLM head office in The Hague 127
7 Expansion of Schiphol Airport in the eighties 133
8 The VPRO office 137
9 Shell-Mitsubishi petrochemical plant in Singapore 151
10 Renovation ‘De Resident’, The Hague 185
11 Concluding remarks 191

Appendix A ‘Granny’s Puzzle’ 197
Open Design, Cases and Exercises
Preface 203
Introduction 209

I Exercises 215
1 Linear Programming with Negotiable Constraints 217
2 Monte Carlo simulation for real estate and infrastructure investments 231
3 Project Network Planning and Risk Assessment 245
4 Regression analysis of construction projects from the past 263
5 Preference Measurement: The key to incorporating soft variables 281
6 Integrating LP Multi Criteria Optimisation and Preference Modelling 289
7 Non-linear optimisation 293
8 Geometric modelling 299

II Cases 309
9 Linear Programming with negotiable constraints 311
10 Monte Carlo simulation 321
11 Network planning & risk assessment 325
12 Regression analysis: residential real estate 329
13 Preference Measurement: The key to incorporating soft variables 337
14 Integrating LP Multi Criteria Optimisation and Preference Modelling 345
15 Multi Criteria Optimisation 351
16 Non-linear, local, optimisation 359
17 Geometric modelling 363

List of Figures 367
List of Tables 373


"As an engineer, I have never seen such a good book on the subject. Apart of some general methods and examples, it contains such jewels as Cassandra information, with very important analysis." Efim A. Galperin, Honorary Professor of Applied Mathematics and Global Optimization, Universite du Quebec a Montreal, Canada.

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