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Although educators are increasingly interested in art education research, there are few anthologies tackling the subject. Research in Art & Design Education answers this call, summarizing important issues in the field such as non-text based approaches and interdisciplinary work.

Contributions from internationally renowned researchers explore a broad range of topics in art education, highlighting particular problems and strengths in the literature. The collection features examples of research projects previously published in the International Journal of Art & Design Education. An indispensable and engaging resource, this volume provides a long-awaited aid for students and teachers alike.


Chapter 1: The Nature of Research in Arts Education 15
Richard Hickman
Chapter 2: The Art of Research: Art Teachers’ Affinity with Ethnography 25
Martyn Denscombe
Chapter 3: Systematic Reviewing: Lessons for Art and Design Education Research 35
Rachel Mason
Chapter 4: Using Participatory Visual Ethnography to Explore Young People’s
Use of Visual Material Culture in Place and Space 51
Kristen Ali Eglinton
Chapter 5: ‘When is Yesterday Coming Again?’ The Impact of Arts-rich
Partnerships in Early Years’ Education 67
Anne Bamford
Chapter 6: Daily Life: A Pre-service Art-teacher Educator and her Work 87
Lynn Beudert
Chapter 7: A Dual Inheritance: The Politics of Educational Reform and PhDs
in Art and Design 99
Fiona Candlin
Chapter 8: Practice-based Research Degree Students in Art and Design:
Identity and Adaptation 109
John Hockey
Chapter 9: School Art: What’s in It? 121
Dick Downing
Chapter 10: A Preliminary Survey of Drawing Manuals in Britain c. 1825–1875 129
Rafael C. Denis
Chapter 11: Early Obsessive Drawings and Personal Development 139
Sheila Paine
Chapter 12: Young People, Photography and Engagement 147
Nick Stanley
Chapter 13: Constructing Neonarratives: A Pluralistic Approach to Research 157
Robyn Stewart
Chapter 14: The Narrative Approach in Art Education: A Case Study 165
Gabriele Esser-Hall, Jeff Rankin and Dumile Johannes Ndita
Chapter 15: A Cross-cultural Study of Art-teacher Education in Taiwan and England 175
Mei-Lan Lo

A Glossary of Research Terms in Arts Education 187
Notes on Contributors 197
Index 201


‘Research in Art & Design Education confirms Picasso’s claim that artists do not seek, but find; thus capturing the real meaning of art’s doing and how in doing art, we learn. From their respective positions, this book’s contributors converge in making a strong case for art and design research as a horizon of specificities; as a wide and ever-expanding ground of autonomous plurality; and as a discipline that is neither restricted to the empirie of fact and measure, nor to generalist platitudes. Under Richard Hickman’s careful editorship, this book boldly makes the case that research in art and design education is not a subject-in-waiting and less so an affair restricted to arcane practices. Rather, it is a discipline invested in the exciting prospects of art’s humanity and the design by which humans work together for a better world.’ (John Baldacchino, Columbia University)

'In conclusion, Research in Art & Design Education: Issues and Exemplars succeeds by identifying many of the key issues at play in art and design research and by providing a range of examples and exemplars to articulate individual activities. It is useful as a snapshot of where we are today but also in helping to add to a general body of knowledge allowing us to build upon.'- Aidan Rowe, Art, Design Media Subject Centre.

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