G. Pfeifer, P. Brauneck
Springer | 3764378387 | 2007 | PDF | 112 pages | 38 Mb

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This fascinating book explores the potential to create a variety of building types in the modern urban area.
To continue developing existing building types in an intelligent way is a crucial task in the field of residential building.
A deeper understanding of the underlying types is indispensable for the success of the individual design, as well as for ensuring that tried and tested structures can be utilized, repeated, and varied in a wide variety of situations.
For this typology of residential buildings, the authors have developed systematic new presentations of the most innovative types.
Each volume lays out the possibilities for using and transforming a particular form of residential structure.

The first volume deals with the various types of the courtyard house, which utilizes the courtyard as an intimate outdoor living space.
The second volume is devoted to the various types of row house, a particularly widespread form of residential structure.
Within each type, variants are distinguished according to how they organize space, their number of floors, and other criteria. The range of possible solutions is presented in uniform ground plans newly drawn to scale.


Cybernetics: Integration of type and topos 8

The principle of repetition 16

Floor plan types 20

Without staircase
Group of houses, Roland Schweitzer 22
Student project, Katja Fischer 23

Longitudinal staircase
Group of houses "Falkenweg", Johannes Kaufmann 24
Solar houses, Harry Ludszuweit 26
Group of houses "Sackpfeife", Walter Stamm-Teske 28
Thomas de Beer houses, Neutelings Riedijk 30
Ecumenical residential house, Gunter Pfeifer 32
Group of houses "Serrewoningen", Bedaux de Brouwer 34
Residential area "Pilotengasse", Herzog & de Meuron 36
student project, Leon Schmidt 37
student project, Simon Gallner 38
student project, Markus Guennigmann 39
Group of houses "Voltstraat", Rijnvos Voorwinde 40
Group of houses "Jagdgasse", Holzbox ZT 42
Group of houses, Bedaux de Brouwer 44
Group of houses "Quartier Mc Nair", d-company 46
Project "Wachsendes Haus", schneider+schumacher 48
Group of houses, baumschlager & eberle 50
Group of houses "De Landtong", Frits van Dongen 52
28 apartments, Bosch Haslett 54
"Scheepstimmermanstraat" house, MVRDV 56

Transversal staircase
Project " Karower Damm", Rolf Muhlethaler 58
Residential park at Betzenberg, AV 1 60
Drive-in row houses, Geurst & Schuize 62

Longitudinal split-level
Residential park at Kirchholzle, Gunter Pfeifer 64
Group of houses "Nofels", baumschlager & eberle 66
LBS "System houses" project, Gunter Pfeifer 68
student project, Sebastian Schaal 69
student project, Martin Trefon 70
Student project, Catrin Kuchta Schrader 71

Transversal split-level
"Diagoon Houses", Herman Hertzberger 72
Student project, Per Brauneck 74
Student project, Felix Mantel 75
Student project, Martin Trefon 76
Student project, Jorn Rabach 78

Residential complex, Oscar Gil Delgado 80
RingstraBe development, Fink + Jocher 82
Student project, Kai Dibutch 84
Student project, Sabine Svrcina 85
Student project, Kai Dreker 86
Student project, Roland Pier 88
Student project. Due Tuan Tong Iran 89
Patio houses. Van Sambeek + Van Veen Architecten 90
Group of houses "02 + 14", Kother & Salman 92
Group of houses, Claus en Kaan Architecten 94
99 patio houses. Atelier Zeinstra van der Pol 96
44 patio houses, Kees Christiaanse architects and planners 98

Student project, Eva Zimmermann 100
Student project, Claudia Wall 101
Student project, Christoph Winterling 102

Back-to-back, "vis-a-vis"
Student project, Gabriele Pinter 104

Two-zone house
Group of houses, Herzog + Partner 106
Group of houses " Kranichstein", Herzog + Partner 108

Bibliography 110

Illustration credits 112


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