T. Crawford, E.D. Bruck
Allworth Press | 158115030X | 1999 | PDF | 240 pages | 400 Kb



The third edition of this popular guide contains 47 of the most essential business and legal forms to meet the everyday needs of today’s successful graphic designers.

Each form is accompanied by step-by-step instructions, advice on standard contractual provisions, and unique negotiation checklists to guide in making the best deal.

New forms for employment and lease agreements have been added to forms that include: letter of interest; estimate for client, preliminary budget and schedule; proposal form; jobs master index; job sheet; production schedule; status report; estimate request for suppliers; purchase order; project confirmation agreement; contract with illustrator/photographer/printer/sales representative; merchandising agreement; nondisclosure agreement; release forms; permission to use copyrighted work; transfer of copyright; copyright application; and much more.

In addition, this classic design reference includes a CD-ROM containing the forms in Quark Xpress and PageMaker for both the PC and Mac platforms.


3 Form 1. Estimate Form for Client, Preliminary Budget and
Schedule, and Budget and Schedule Review
4 Form 2. Proposal Form
6 Form 3. Credit Reference Form
7 Form 4. Jobs Master Index
8 Form 5. Job Sheet
11 Form 6. Time Sheet
12 Form 7. Studio Production Schedule
13 Form 8. Project Status Report
14 Form 9. Work Change Order Form
15 Form 10. Estimate Request Form
16 Form 11. Purchase Order
17 Form 12. Requisition Form
18 Form 13. Payables Index
19 Form 14. Transmittal Form
20 Form 15. Artwork Log
21 Form16. Billing Index
22 Forms 17 and 18. Invoice Forms
25 Form 19. Monthly Billing Statements
26 Forms 20 and 21. Collection Letters
28 Form 22. Project Confirmation Agreement
30 Form 23. Contract with Illustrator or Photographer
32 Form 24. Contract with Printer
36 Form 25. Designer—Sales Agent Contract
39 Form 26. Designer’s Lecture Contract
41 Form 27. Licensing Contract to Merchandise Designs
43 Form 28. Release Form for Models
44 Form 29. Property Release Form
45 Form 30. Permission Form (to Use Copyrighted Work)
46 Form 31. Nondisclosure Agreement for Submitting Ideas
47 Form 32. Copyright Transfer Form
48 Form 34. Contract with an Independent Contractor
50 Form 35. Project Employee Contract
51 Form 36. Web Site Design Agreement


"For designers who are about to set up their own office or for
those who feel their design practices lack real organization,
this book could be immensely helpful. It provides straightforward
information, a usable business system as well as a variety of
business and legal forms that can be copied and put into immediate
practice in any graphic design studio."

—Step by Step Graphics

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