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Firm Profile: The firm Christian de Groote Associated Architects was founded in 1967, on ending de Groote's former association with architect Emilio Duhart. Born in Chile in 1931, De Groote lived part of his youth in Cuba, and part in Mexico, where he graduated from high school. He studied Architecture at the Pontificia Universidad Catolica de Chile (the country's most reputed Catholic university) where he took his degree in 1958 with the highest grade. Later on, he obtained a scholarship from the Fulbright Foundation and the U.S. State Department, taking postgraduate studies at M.I.T., in Chicago, and at the University of California in Berkeley.
Starting on 19678, de Groote established his own office, designing many works for industrial and mining concerns, offices, newspapers, and banks, creating buildings, malls, exhibition pavilions, social housing, and graphic design. Yet a very important proportion of his work has been devoted to private houses, de Groote having built more than 150 houses to date.

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Originally from Buenos Aires, Oscar Riera Ojeda is an editor and designer who practices in the United States, South America and Europe from his office in Boston. He is vice-director of the Spanish-Argentinian magazine Casas Internacional, and is the creator of several series of architectural publications for Rockport Publishers in addition to the Single Building series, including Ten Houses, Contemporary World Architects, Architecture in Detail and Art and Architecture. Other architectural publications include the New American series for the Whitney Library of Design, as well as several monographs on the work of renowned architects.


18 Garcia House, Santiago, Chile
28 Constanza Vergaza House, Algarrobo, Chile
38 Fuenzalida House, Santiago, Chile
46 Gellona House, Santiago, Chile
56 Matte House, Zapallar, Chile
64 Orrego House, El Pangue, Chile
76 Elisa House, Santiago, Chile
86 La Cumbre House, Santiago, Chile
94 Errazuriz House, Villarrica, Chile
112 The "El Condor" Group, Santiago, Chile


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